Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow - Hot Salvation
Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow - Hot Salvation
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Virginia Wing - Ecstatic Arrow

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Release Date  8th June 2018



For us at HS, this is one of the big ones for 2018. Since their first full length Measures Of Joy broke through all kind of indie pock/post punk walls in to touches of the kosmiche and electronic, Virginia Wing have been on a zen-like journey to economise resources, but maximise sound and experience. 

Ecstatic Arrow is a record about process. Recorded with long term collaborator Misha Hering at his families home in Switzerland, what is clear is that VW are interested in showing you how they experience their own music, their world. Unashamed of their musical vision changing and developing, they have one again expanded to incorporate a third member, Chris from XAM DUO on Saxophone and assisting with an expanded electronic palette. You'll find references to Yasuaki Shimizu, YMO and the school of early 80's Japanese avant pop. You'll find Merida in fine form mining the performance and interpretive world inhabited by Laurie Anderson. You'll hear in-between song skits, unfinished trains of thought that brush broadly over the boundaries of what makes a standard album. 

A stunning work that we can't wait to get our hands on. 

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