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Velf - In A Sense

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After the 2017 release of her EP, Pernicious Serenity, sound designer/composer Velf returns with her follow up record, in a sense. Using electro-acoustic elements created in a freeform environment, Velf opens a portal and leads her listeners into a multicolored and fantastical sound world. 

Through brushworks of ambient synth patches and meticulous sound design mimicking creatures, Velf paints off-kilter fairy tale universes and trance-like daydreams. The album mixes sporadic percussion, luscious vocal harmonies, unpredictable compositions and volatile song structures that questions the listener’s expectations. The track “unhinging” is a good example of this free approach; written in a grid-less environment without a set tempo or time signature to drive the composition, Velf relies on her production and collage-like techniques to create physical momentum that pushes and pulls the listeners in many directions. 

Inspired by fever dreams, in a sense explores the human nature of emotions and narrates a journey of rediscovery. Soundscapes quickly materialize and collapse and melodies become room noise within the blink of an eye. The album challenges many conventions in electronic compositions and questions the desire for familiarity in modern production.