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Various Artists - Paz e Futebol 2


Label Sonar Kollektiv

A Selection of Brazilian infused Jazz & Soul from Brazil and around the world, compiled by Jazzanova.


Ten years have passed since the phenomenal success of the "Paz e Futebol" compilation on Sonar Kollektiv. Since then Germany won the World Cup in Brazil, spanking the home nation in the process and sparking the increased self-confidence which inspired Berlin's Jazzanova to compile another courageously eclectic showcase of Brazilian brilliance. 
“Paz e Futebol 2” is the ultimate smorgasbord of all Brazilian music, irrespective of era and location, sporting the true and heartfelt Brazilian vibe. Similar to the football Brazil is known for, where “Brazilian style of playing” means an extra technically ability and finesse, but also an unmatched approach and skill within the sport. This affinity with skill is shown with this expertly curated 19-track-strong compilation.
Raffaela Renzulli's 1987 album cut "Asking Eyes"  opens the set in wonderfully laid-back fashion before driving the listeners round the bend just like the ball skills by illustrious soccer star Neymar. This zest for life, this excessive friskiness is the recurrent theme which is constantly present across all eras, continents and genres covered on "Paz e Futebol 2". “Palmeiras” by the Argentinian combo Candeias is taylor made for this voyage of exploration all around the world in search of the Brazilian vibration. Also finding a wider public than its initial release is the long forgotten 1983 LP “Num Dia Azul” by the couple Minas (Patricia & Orlando). Probably even more rare is  Penha Maria's "Você Balanca O Meu Coracão (Ou Sol Demais)“, originally released on a 1968 7" by the Mocambo Rozenblit label from Recife.
As Jazzanova weave together intricate passes, head off on mazy runs and juggle the ball to a samba beat, we're left mesmerised by the skill and style of this expressive set. With nary a misstep in sight, but boasting a Ronaldo's worth of stepovers, this comp hits the back of the net every time.