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Uncle Acid - The Night Creeper


Label Uncle Acid

Brand new album from Cambridge group Uncle Acid. I was concerned that after the breakthrough of 2013's 'Mind Control,' as with so many bands before them, their sound would dwindle, dilute and ultimately disappoint. My fear have been absolutely quashed. The Night Creeper is a sprawling four-sided concept, about a serial killer. The entire aesthetic, visual and audible is steeped in early 70's British witchcraft, folk horror, pastoral prog-folk, dense, chewy analogue production not to mention the sheer weight of Lennon and Ozzy on singer Kevin Starrs incredible songwriting and delivery.

You'll hear Withchfinder General, Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Steeleye Span and of course, Sabbath, throughout and unashamed. This band, along with The Myrrors are the only band worth persisting with in the played out and often trite 'amp-worship' retro-metal style.