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"I’m really into self-psychoanalysis and psychology in general. It’s a huge part of the mining process for my songwriting. And this process got way deeper when i started meditating and going on silent retreats about 4 years ago. Because i could see MUCH more detail and catch way more of what was going on with the feelings inside. Increasingly I found (and find) certain tendencies of being a human absurd, hilarious and psychedelic. We’re so silly. Such as catching myself writing a short text message song to someone i had a crush on and being like “dude WTF are you doing?” realising it was basically wanting to write a song to make someone—a specific someone— fall in love with me. All coming from that deeply melancholic post break-up space - the space where it feels like you need love or you’ll just fall right apart."

In the wake of the breakup, Alex—a nocturnal wind-up dance toy who only sometimes winds down (he has worn a nicotine patch for four years straight with no exit plan)—was lightning-struck by sadness. “Almost convalescent” at times, in his words, though rarely still. A fiercely dedicated jazz trumpeter by training, Alex is always playing. More importantly, he is always, always writing. And that spring, in the midst of dance parties and silent meditations, rooftop smokes and intense crying jags, a new kind of music started to come. Raw, stripped-down songs unfurling in the middle of the night without agenda, bent over an acoustic guitar. It never occurred to Alex that he was making an album.
The idea sprouted later that spring when he was co-directing a David Bowie tribute with his friend Kimbra—after hearing some of his new songs, she strongly encouraged Alex to turn them into a record, an idea he brushed off at first (they went on to co-write “Down for the Count” on the album). But it solidified in June 2016, when Alex was onstage with his punk project, Alexander F and broke his foot. Stuck there in his apartment all summer, through practice, solitude, and a lot of silence, Tōth came to life.