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Szun Waves - New Hymn To Freedom


Label Leaf

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You know that beautiful thing - when you manage to just ignore the hype of a record, shut it out, don't let the trie re-hashed press releases touted by lazy journo's seep into your mind and ruin a work for you, before the album is even released?? Well, that. 

Yes, this band has pedigree, yes it adhere's to some pretty 'a la mode' conventions in 2018. But thankfully, that boring stuff doesnt matter, I'm not even going to mention who's in the band. The one thing that matters is that this record slaps. Hard. 

Effortlessly allowing free jazz, post rock and electronica to writhe in and out of each other over 6 sprawling, beautiful compositions. The drums are full of the kind of room-ambience I've craved my entire adult life; Synths, electric pianos and guitars seemingly bathing in rich, overlapping timbres and textures, waves if I might. Fans of recent music from James Holden, Floating Points, Comet Is Coming will dig, particularly ones with an ear for Terry Riley, Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders

Fuck it man, this is just a 9/10 record however you chop it up. No real debate to be had, it'll see you through the winter and on into the spring with some real ease.