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Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile


Label Impulse

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After a stellar couple of years releasing some of the most exciting music in Modern Jazz with The Comet Is Coming, The Ancestors, ARE Weapons, Melt Yourself Down and collaborating with Hieroglyphic Being, Marshall Allen and so on, Shabaka Hutchings regroups with Sons Of Kemet and lands a deal that sees Your Queen Is A reptile on I M P U L S E ! Home to the very greatest! Alice and John Coltrane and of course Pharoah Sanders!!!

The album title, liner notes, song titles and artwork are a stark and assertive statement about the place of ethnic groups within Britain, and Britain's place within the 21st Century modern world. The 'reptile' itself refers directly to the UK monarchy, and the track titles refer to women of African descent and notoriety. Impulse was long a label of cultural experimentation and assertiveness and this is injecting youth in to that tradition! The tracks so far also offer something of an alternative to the sprawling, cerebral Kamasi Washington, and shoot five, six minute adrenaline hits of cosmic jazz aggression. Massive polyrhythms, frenetic call and response give way to frantic solos from Hutchings throughout, this is incredible stuff!!

Cannot wait for this badboy!!