SlideUltraUnity - Город Розовых Снов

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Sprawling lofi experimentations that veer off into ambient techno, synth pop, coil-esque meditations and more. Wouldn't sound out of place on Night School, and that track with Katya Yonder on vocals is serious business. 

""City of pink dreams' is the album of the "Slideultraunity" project and the fifth release on the Faktura label. Slideultraunity are fans of slide photos, films and diggers of Russian electronic underground art from Yekaterinburg.

City of pink dreams' is a multi-genre work, something between radio plays, soundtrack and post-electronic music. Album reminds a nightmare filled with uncertain anxiety. Rustles, voices, mental disorders alternate with an ambience of your native home and familiar places. All tracks are in a single image and meditatively immerse the listener into the noir atmosphere.