Simone Forti - Al Di Là

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Saltern is excited to present Al Di Là, the first full-length collection of recordings by renowned dancer/choreographer, artist and writer Simone Forti. Forti (born 1935, Florence, Italy) has influenced generations of artists through her innovative approaches to dance and movement. Forti is noted for her extensive work with musicians, including Charlemagne Palestine, La Monte Young, Jon Gibson, Peter Van Riper, and Z’EV, among others. With Al Di Là, we hear Forti musically in her own right through a diverse collection of never-before-released pieces, ranging from the early ‘60s to mid-80s, that highlight Forti’s use of her voice, folk songs, handmade instruments, and physical space. The album, compiled by Forti with the assistance of Tashi Wada, includes a rare guest appearance by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Al Di Là is a uniquely personal and intimate portrait of one of the truly visionary artists of our time.

From Forti’s liner notes: “I’m awaiting a song from afar, from afar, a song of goodbye from afar. For now I’ve seen the game I was playing, slowly leaving the earth and drifting far among the stars.”

"These simple, eccentric and beautiful oddities paint a picture of an artist working handmade miracles with her own unique curiosity." – Claire Sawers, The Wire

"Drawn from material stretching from 1960 to 1984, Al Di Là, Saltern’s overwhelming survey of Simone Forti’s lifelong work in sound, is unquestionably one of the most startling, beautiful, and inspiring objects which we will encounter this year." – The Hum