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Savages - Adore Life


Label Savages

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Sure, there is the lazy Banshees comparison, but Savages have thankfully changed their sound up for the second LP. The band have embraced density to accent their sparseness. The guitars flick from razor sharp Gang Of Four shards to heavy, fuzzy Les Paul dirges; The rhythm section have found shuffles and polyrhythm where before there was merely the 4/4 stomp. 

With this, comes a multifaceted approach to the bands philosophy, and in turn, their song writing. This record seems hell bent on defiantly embracing light and dark, in their most extreme lyrical and musical forms; its compelling if not a little extended. These ideas remind me a little of Axes by Electrelane, but with the obvious bite of PIL or the Banshees. 

There's plenty of great post punk at present (DIAT, Flesh World, Sievehead, Pleasure Leftists etc), but it is clear why Savages rightful home is Matador, there is a knowing nod to pop music within the snarl, there's a pretension and defiance that is rightfully being nurtured, as this certainly points to a third album of some real risk on their part. Can't wait.