Less Loss

Satin Doll - Mong Kok Haruna

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A heavy debut release for Scott Young's Less Loss label. Woozy/concrete flooded side A gives into an intimate, bass-heavy improv and sound design on side B. Proper business - buy with us and we can hook you up with codes for DL. 

Returning to the seldom spotted Satin Doll pseudonym, resurrected last year for a CD compilation, Scott Young launches his tape label Less Loss with an intriguing mixture of blunted field recording ramblings and Reaktor fuckery. The latter takes hold on Side B, an untitled piece that unfolds with bursts of harsh digital noise and sub-bass, a rumination on computer generated frequencies that might well answer Bernard Parmegiani’s exploration of pure electronic data in ‘La Roue Ferris’. What would the effect be on a major sound system?

Swapping the hard listening for more relaxing tones, title cut ‘Mong Kok Haruna’ is essentially one 15-minute iPhone voice note of sharp clarity. Recorded in the maze of the Mong Kok district of Hong Kong, the recording calmly fluctuates between casual dialogue and background music, traffic and pedestrian noises picked up in the backdrop. An effortless snapshot of a moment in time that transports the listener into a midtown fever dream.