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Samutek - Omamy

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Poland's Samutek turns in a stark, hellish set of sound collage, concrete, and pastoral drone invoking a horror soundscape on a par with anything A24 films have turned in within the last decade.

Acid-horror-concrete? Did he just make a field recording IN HELL???

After completing a masters in Paranormal Studies, Samutek has taken the time to carefully and painstakingly create aural scenes from a broad range of sound sources - samples of rabid dogs, goats chopped with MIDI precision, act as uncomfortable bedfellows for plucked instruments on hellish loop; Repeato reverb-soaked guitar acts as a sort of tribal drum under meandering acoustic strings and more nightmarish sparse soundscapes. Plenty of tape loops forming shuffling rhythms for vast distorted speech samples that sound as if they were recorded at the grand alter, deep within hell itself.

This albums belongs on the shelf of any fans of Sunn 0))), Coil, HP Lovecraft, Integrity, Breach, Francis Bacon, Nic Cage's recent psychedelic horror films Mandy and A Colour Out Of Space and everything else cool as fuck with the devil or hell in it.