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Another 10/10 release for Metron, another straight run for Salamanda, after garnering universally high praise for their Good Morning Tapes release earlier in the year. 

More sumptuous arpeggiations and warm, rich textures, but this time the rhythmic elements remind me of that wonderful post- Brain Eno, post Hassell tape scene in the US which has been so deeply mined for gold these last few years. Comparisons to Michelle Mecure and k Leimer in particular spring to mind, simply in that there is no sense of 'dialled in genre cool guy' at play, just real fun and exploration of the equipment they have. 

Salamanda are shaping up to be one of the strongest composers in exploratory music. 


Salamanda is the collaborative alias of South Korean producer/DJ duo, and close friends, Uman Therma (Sala) and Yetsuby (Manda). Together they create avant-garde electronic music inspired by minimalist concepts, harmonious rhythms and the work of American composer Steve Reich.

Across the eight tracks of Sphere, their debut for Small Méasures, the pair conjure spherical worlds inspired by bubbles, refracting light and planet earth. Soundscapes laden with percussive elements ebb and flow as arpeggiated stanzas cede to misty synths and shimmering plates, conjuring images of solitary temples sat in vast open plateaus.

“For Sphere, we came up with an abstract concept and image to explore more diversity and encourage imagination. Each track is related to different kinds of sphere we found or imagined. From the big round planet embracing every creature to dancing little bubbles underwater, fragments of ideas floating around, exploding tomatoes, and movement of lights flashing and tickling the eyes…

Or the tracks can be about completely different types of spheres in other people's perspective. We hope Sphere can unleash the imagination and take you on a delightful journey of music.’’

Sphere will be released on tape, CD and digital from September 29. 100% of profits from physical sales will be donated to the Korean Women’s Hotline, a program that helps support Korean women in crisis.