S23 - IX

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Excellent ambient dub techno, on the lo-fi production side. 

"At the end of 2010s a wave of interest in dub techno swept across Ekaterinburg, with Basic Channel, Rod Modell, Rhythm & Sound being actively listened to in electronic music circles.
Unlike classic techno, the dub does not try to go to a new and unique territory, because its only purpose is to calm down with serenity and repetition.

"IX" is located between dub techno and ambient. New elements are adds neatly, there are no unnecessary details. Under the septacords of the Yamaha synthesizer, looped percussion steps slowly.
If following it, you retire into yourself. It's introversion music.

S23 lives in Yekaterinburg, he asked not to reveal his real name.
Music was recorded in 2016-2019.
In "IX" he pass through parting, traveling to St. Petersburg and returning home."