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Pripyat - 1986


Label Pripyat

Squalling lo-fi hardcore blasts from the Czech Republic here, this discography release compiling demo material and stuff from a comp LP entitled 'Spalte Brno Na Prach'. There are absolutely no airs or graces on display, the whole thing feral and furious with the all-but impenetrable buzz n' clatter of the music punctured only by male/female shrieks, snarls and hollers and the occasional brain-searing stab of feedback. Whilst rudimentary, Pripyat nevertheless present a funny old proposition since they didn't seem intent on aping anyone in particular: content to just bash out their brash, raw, barely-together hardcore and let it fall messily somewhere between the realms of Anomie and Riistetyt. Whether that was by luck or judgement is anyone's guess, but the end result is pretty fucking cool in any event.