Porter - дуализм

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Singular synth improv and live takes that veer between futurist techno and the deep hauntology of ghost box artists Jon Brooks and Focus Group. 

""After 8 years of searching himself and his own sound Stas Simonov’ve released a new album with «Faktura» as Porter.

The Cassette «Dualism» is representing the nature of our world that has 2 independent origins that often opposite to each other and which are so deep-felt by author. He’s sharing his feeling through techno music and finding his own sharp sound. Here’s how he describes the album:

- Almost all tracks are recorded from one take and with one instrument. When I wrote them I didn’t think about the album. I just tried to dig into myself as deep as I could. I was just sitting and rotating knobs and it feels like I was in another dimension. There’s nothing excess. Almost all tracks are about the interaction of 2 elements (like there’s a 2 oscillators on the synthesizer) and effects for them.