Pauline Anna Strom - Angel Tears in Sunlight

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A glorious FM-synthesised swan song from one of the USA's most vital new age composers. Sumptuous glassy polyrhythms nod to Laurie Spiegal and Michelle Mecure's fourth world, tape based landscape. A perfect partner for the Trans Millenia Music compilation from a couple of years back. 

Angel Tears in Sunlight is Pauline Anna Strom’s first album in over thirty years; an assemblage of music that refracts the expansiveness, and minutiae, of imagined realms while embracing the kaleidoscopic echoes of our distant epochs. Recorded in the same San Francisco home where her early work emerged, Angel Tears in Sunlight elevates Strom’s mysterious, masterful synthesis of music and machine and opens another portal to the transportive power and healing potential of her work.