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Pascale Project - Be Urself

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The Montreal based artist Pascale Mercier has been performing ecstatic dance music as Pascale Project since 2015, and her new album Be Urself will be her debut with Orange Milk and her first vinyl release. The music is inspired by classic house artists like Frankie Knuckles and Kerri Chandler but features Pascale’s low, full-bodied vocals repeating mantra-like lyrics on the impact of music and dance. On the track “Let Us Go” she sings the line “let yourself go, let us feel good” which is such a simple sentiment that illustrates Pascale’s philosophy about the transformative power of music; that losing yourself in the club or in a pair of headphones can help shed the excesses of your identity to reveal something like your essential being. Be Urself especially focuses on the communal aspect of those experiences and the way music can function as a shared language that often crosses cultural divides.