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Orb - Birth


Label Orb

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The skies have opened and dropped a trio of kids from
Geelong, Australia, packing some seriously futuristic
sludge: ORB.
A heaping helping of proto-metal chops meets paranoid
sci-fi fantastical ravings, replete with some tasty synthesizer
werk that breaks it up just so. Close-mic’d to perfection by
Total Control’s own Mikey Young, these epics swing with
demonic swagger and crackle with the static of a menacing
future, twisting and churning through loose-limbed riffery,
all punctuated by a wail that sounds as if it’s coming from
every hidden camera outside the Ministry of Love.
A proggy but in-the-pocket head-trip hard rock record for
the table, and hopefully these Aussies will be bringing their
dystopian groove your way soon.