Negative Space - Demo



There's a bleak hopelessness to Reece Thomas Green's delivery, a dry sarcasm that could only have been broken in from years growing up in Folkestone, one of the UK's grey, run down seaside mortuaries, torn to shreds and left to rot in the 1990's, only now to be lifted high on a pedestal as some quirky 'destination,' for national press and middle class Londoners to come and gawp at how quaint the town is and it's people's plight.

East Kent has, in the last year, become a hot bed of DIY punk activity again. After many years of apathy and a lack of momentum, we now find ourselves lucky enough to have had Man Hands, Mass Lines, Alocasia Garden Sky Lark, Kind Eyes, Harrowed, Cosmic Thoughts, Kid Pang, Sorg, Dark Age and many more. NEGATIVE SPACE share members with most of the aforementioned, but bring a new spite and shrill tension to the fold. 

5 nervous, repetitive and searing compositions that recall some of the most vicious post punk groups, obvious touch-points being Gang Of Four, PIL and Crisis, but there's an abstract context to Neg Space. Take the off-kilter 'V,' with a bass line that wouldn't be out of place smack in the middle of 'BUY' from The Contortions, or a repeat-wig out on an ESG jam.

This music was born in the provinces, it is not the intellectual property of the cynical, cosmopolitan punk elite. It's a raw, colloquial open wound of a record, and it's ours.