Muzi - Boom Shaka - Hot Salvation

Muzi - Boom Shaka

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A bold, eclectic fusion of hip hop and electronica, MUZI’s hard-hitting sonic approach remains deeply inspired by his upbringing, a tale of striving through adversity in the South African township of Empangeni, north east of Durban: “Violence definitely played a major role in my life. Things happen in the townships like mine. There isn't any community watch or anything remotely close to something like that. That's why I had to stay indoors most of the time and that gave me time to work on my music. As for the social healing bit, I hope it does one day. Privileged kids grow up being told they can be and do anything they want. We never had that, my family has always been in survival mode and I hope that one day, my achievements inspire other kids with similar backgrounds.

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