Martin Matiske - Your Time EP

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Italo/Giallo GOLD!!! on vinyl with a screen printed cover

Munich's Martin Matiske started his recording career at fifteen with his stunning ep Stars & Galaxy for DJ Hell's Gigollo Records back in 2002. Here he dons 4 fresh tracks for the Vivod label with his trademark electro sound, somewhere between Dopplereffekt, classical & wave. Kicking off the ep is Die Nibelungen, a sort of speak & spell classical piece with an electro backing track. A2 - Bayerischer Wald is a chord heavy majestic bomb in a 5/4 time signature, maybe a stretch too far for the linear techno dj but that's what makes this ep so interesting. B2 - Virtuosic Mechanic harks back to his previous work on Gigollo Records, a more club orientated track which should do some effective damage on the floor. Rounding things off is Kammermusik, a subtle electro ballad. If you like your electro with a heavy classical influence then this is your ep.