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The fifth album from Bay Area weirdos Mamaleek, Via Dolorosa
is the duo’s darkest and most experimental release, incorporating
black metal, psychedelia and electronic music. It is also
the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums. At once harsh,
frightening and beautiful, Via Dolorosa is like an evening at the
darkest jazz club as it might appear in the depths of a child’s
fever dream.
Though the group’s two anonymous brothers hail from the
San Francisco Bay Area and their work is rife with themes of
death and nihilism, musically they stand apart from the city’s
most well-known black metal exports (Weakling, Leviathan,
et al.). Via Dolorosa features track titles inspired by traditional
slave songs and incorporates melodic, Middle Eastern aesthetics.
Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence.