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Landing - Third Sight


Label Landing

Connecticut's Landing have specialized in a mild and rural kind of psychedelia for almost two decades. Recent releases have seen them closer to post-punk and shoegaze territory than ever, but Third Sight – recorded specifically for El Paraiso Records’ Impetus series – builds on the hallucinatory soundscapes of the band's earliest days. There's a unique sense of motoric drift to these four long pieces, and an organic blend of rock instrumentation and analog electronics that brings to mind Eno's best collaborations in the 1970s. But the group's flair for fuzzy drones and new weirdsy commune-folk also betrays their affiliation with the experimental American east coast scene – playing shows with Bardo Pond and releasing a split EP with Windy & Carl among other things throughout their career.
And despite releasing one brilliant album after another the band remains appalingly underappreciated. Perhaps because the trips Landing are taking are too distanced from the hipster's version of krautrocky drone music.