Lafawndah - Ancestor Boy - Hot Salvation
Lafawndah - Ancestor Boy - Hot Salvation

Lafawndah - Ancestor Boy

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After an incredible afro-futurist take on RNB on her debut EP for Warp, and the beautiful and immersive collab piece for Kenzo with Japanese avant master Midori Takada last year, Lafawndah attempts, and succeeds in blurring the lines between the two worlds, creating an expansive, crystalline world that seems to dissolve geography, being at ease with its influences drawing on eastern, western, central American, fourth world, modern electronica and straight up pop cultures. 

The attention to production detail, and how that relates to intimate aesthetic presentation is front and centre, with meticulously constructed and placed melodies and colossal drum sounds seemingly in a constant act of dance and interplay, leaving huge swathes of the mid range open for delicate asmr-whisper vocal lines, powerful multi-part hamonies and reverb soaked glassy FM-synth play. 

Lazy sales pitch says: FFO Kelela, Solange, Peter Gabriel, The Knife, Jon Hassell, Arca. But in reality, it's easier to just tell you I'm pretty good at telling you which album is going to end up as my AOTY. This is going to be hard to beat, the scale of Lafawndah's ambition is absolutely intoxicating. Telling you. 

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