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Infinity Knives - Dear, Sudan

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Tariq Al Jabaan releases Dear, Sudan via Phantom Limb, with the vinyl version hella late due to all the COVID and Brexit madness we all know is being suffered. 

But this delay has only made receiving this record all the more sweet. Coming from Baltimore, the same scene that spawned Ami Dang and Lungfish (!!!!!) alike, Infinity Knives is another suitably exploratory musical project, which reveres in minimalist/post classical art pop such as Arthur Russell or Malcolm McLaren, but also slides in with the modern avant-garde of hip hop like Blood Orange or Kendrick Lamar really comfortably. 

it’s a super easy listen, really emotive with some huge, heart wrenching vocals hooks that push up against massive beats that sound like Dilla sampling Cocteau Twins or something. The scope and ambition within its pallet and texture make for an exciting record and a promising future!