Higher Learning - Can You Feel It?

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When music is hard to describe and truly doesn’t sit within easy frames of reference, it’s either really exciting or just a bit shit.

Luckily Richard Forbes-Hamilton serves up an EP of what 20 JFG described as “Industrial crypto-Pop…. Midnight reverb and towering drums; buried synth melody; long tape-sliped chords — somewhere around Fever Ray trying to land a slot on the Miami Vice soundtrack. Except, rather than compound a brutal, industrial sound, the vocal here is…pure pop. This could be (and should be) ripped from the event horizon of fucked-up pop (the heat death of the 80s).”

As a visual artist (mans got talent) and an absorber of music form the last 30 years, Higher Learning distills his industrial leaning dubbed out tracks with spacial sound design and ultimately pushing insights into what pop can really mean in this new decade.

RIYL - Holly Herndon, Coil, Equinoxx, Andy Stott.