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Harrowed - Unseen Hands

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Blazing metal-hardcore from the south coast, UK. We're over the moon to be able to release this ripper of an EP. Harrowed have gone from late-stage CT-newcomers to the battletorn journeymen in what seems like a shockingly short decade, with two cult full lengths out on legendary noise/hardcore label Feast Of Tentacles, the new EP Unseen Hands see's the trio not mess with what isn't broke. A maniacal dirge that pulls in 90's Clevo vibes of Integrity and Ringworm, the dense D-Beat crush of Skitsystem or Tragedy and the blistering metal of High on Fire.

Fast, downtuned and with dynamics on a knife edge this EP is pure nastiness recorded at their own studio Century Audio in Minster, East Kent.