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Galen Tipton - Fake Meat

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Orange Milk says:

a low fantasy sleepover with your closest friends and chosen family, human and non human. a safe haven. the microscopic, the bug, the flesh, the personal, the family, the intimate,
the home, the magic in the mundane and small. fake meat is fake life.
inspired by the holistic experience of beat tapes and collages from Madlib and J Dilla, the pure play and experimentation of Foodman and DJWWW, the emotional honesty and forward thinking queer energy of Arca, Sophie, and Elyisa Crampton, and the intense hyper real sound design of Orange Milk label heads Giant Claw and Seth Graham, fake meat takes the unintentional organic symphonies created from the interactions of natural, commercial, industrial, digital, and bodily sounds we hear and feel on a daily basis and turns them into new ecosystems through intense sampling, original instrumentation, and collaboration.
emerging from the smallest pivotal moments of self growth, fake meat is focused overstimulation, an attempt to control constant sound bombardment while making peace with the overwhelming nature of being a living, experiencing being in an impossible to fully grasp world.
sometimes a soothing massage for buzzing nerves and other times an electric baptism of lava and ice, ripping you out of complacency with a playful and triumphant hyper realism & hyper vulnerability with a cartoonishly short attention span.

fake meat also has a strong communal aspect with guest appearances from Holly Waxwing, Koeosaeme, rkss, donnie Fredericks, toiret status, Seth Graham, Giant Claw, G.S. Sultan, Big Thanks, Frere Tuck, Loto Retina, and woopheadclrms.

each artist melds with galen’s music in unique ways, and the overall effect creates something like a family photo or a miniature snapshot of our segment in underground electronics.