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Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting - Undone Harmony Following


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The return of one of the weirdest producers out there, sometimes known as DJ Yo Yo Dieting, sometimes known as Indignant Senility, this time deploying a set of syruppy chopped & screwed productions that sound something like DJ Screw processed thru guitar pedals or Lil Ugly Mane heard booming from the next block. This is basically the most satisfying out-there mixtape of the year...

Incorrigible noise mutant Pat Maher buries chopped 'n screwed hip hop in proper, cranky noise on the long awaited follow-up to his Bubblethug album as Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting. Imagine a DJ Screw tape covered in gravy, left to bake in the sun and then kneaded thru guitar pedals and you've got some taste of the chewy, thuggish ruggish gear on this killer dish.

While Maher may be as well known for his fractal techno as Diamond Catalog or his smeared 78 sessions in The Caretaker-esque Indignant Senility project, it was under the Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting alias that he first really got under the skin of popular consciousness, bubbling up alongside Lil B's seminal Rain In England on Weird Forest Records c. 2010 to ruggedly reset American hip hop from oblique, avant new perspectives.

Aside from a few mixtapes, Undone Harmony Following is the project's first appearance since then and picks up exactly where he left us, huffing up classic and little known hip hop joints and spitting them out as hazy, masticated globules of gristle and noise perfect for the muggiest, blunted listening sessions.

They're like the sonic equivalent of a noise weirdo idly doodling graf sigils in a battered sketchbook for his own gratitude, and thankfully Undone Harmony Following allows everyone else to peer over his shoulder see what he's scribbling, 13 raw, oozing cuts of slurred vocals and distended grooves that sag over the belt line, dripping rivulets of grease and grit, and always appearing to be on the brink of lethargic collapse.

Its ultimate value lies in that heavy-lidded space between woke and fugged-out dream lyf, and in the way which Maher drags the listener into his uniquely suspended, effected temporality that makes this record almost dangerously, druggily seductive and as vital as it gets right now...