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Django Deluxe and NDR BigBand - Driving


Label Django Deluxe and NDR BigBand

Their unique music combines the traditional Gypsy-Swing of Django Reinhardt with more modern forms of jazz to dazzling effect. Swing however, pulses through it’s veins, expressing their collective passion and esteem for Django – the greatest European Gypsy-Jazz legend of all time. The most impressive feature of their music: the ease with which they  transfer older, traditional 30s and 40s rhythms and sounds into their arrangements, yet somehow manage to inject unique touches that are fresh and innovative. Their ability to achieve this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as they  – like Django himself – are Sinti, and were raised in the same jazz tradition. At the same time however, they’re four young men, living and creating music in the contemporary world of R & B and Hip-Hop.

The Quartet – comprising brothers Giovanni and Jeffrey Weiss and their cousins Robert Weiss and Koe Reinhardt – have no need for words on stage – they seem to communicate with each other entirely through their music, with Giovanni and Koe’s guitar solos dominating the cues and signals passing between them. They are accompanied by Jeffrey, who lays a solid foundation for their music on double bass, underpinned by Robert’s flawless rhythm guitar.

This unique constellation use their music to rip audiences out of their seats – leastways,  anyone who can stay sitting down does so on the edge of their seat, and absolutely no-one’s feet can resist the impulse to swing to the rhythm. With the familiar driving  force of his rhythm guitar following or preceding every solo, Robert weaves such perfect harmonies  between the melodic changes that all boundaries between these four musicians blurs completely. Even during their most breathtaking, exhilaratingly fast improvisations, the band remains firmly locked together as they play.

But there’s something more. When the tempo drops and gives way to one of their deep and expressive guitar solos, the audience’s eyes widen and hearts swell,  transfixed absolutely by the graceful fingers strumming across the strings.

Characteristically for traditional forms of Sinti jazz, the band’s music is inextricably linked to the family, and has been handed down through the generations. The members of this group got their first musical experience through their family too. These cousins have played together since early childhood – so they’ve formed a winning team for decades.

Whenever you listen to their music, it’s this family closeness you hear coursing through it. As Django Deluxe, they produce a timeless, vibrant, emotional music, which flows in the inimitable style of European Sinti-Swing, but with American Jazz infused into it.

As friends for many years, Django Deluxe have spent the last 12 month collaborating with Producer and Composer George “Capudelup” Brenner, who’s already enjoyed worldwide success with Soul artist “Ayo” (“Down On My Knees”). In Capudelup’s  studio they are currently putting the final touches to the quartet’s first album, which includes some of their own unique compositions, in addition to Jazz standards.