olegolegowitch - Dionysus Separation

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Colossal industrial drone from Ural's Faktura label. Recalling Prurient's esoteric distorted melancholia, or Ramleh's torturous lamentations, this tape throbs and blasts with shimmering synth minor thirds pulling heart strings straight from the chest. Proper business. 

""Faktura" enters 2020 with noise dystopia "Dionysus – Separation", made by poet and musician - olegolegowitch.

Dionysus is a spaceship named after the ancient greek god. In Nietzsche theory, this god is the personification of chaos and madness, in contrast to Apollo, the god of order and beauty.
Dionysus corresponds to the spirit of the times, therefore man-made space objects are named and explode before reaching the first orbit.A tragedy born from the spirit of music.

The album is a sound recording of the artistic image of Dionysus and Separation spaceships.The 12-track flight describes the stages from launch to docking in the planet's orbit in open space.Dionysus made a docking with Separation on track 12. The rest are sound-emotional characteristics of different stages of the ship's flight. These names reflect the essence of what's not happening.