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Descendents - Everything Sucks (20th Anniversary edition)

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this special release in our histo­ry, Epitaph Records is proud to present the deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of DESCENDENTS - Everything Sucks. This remastered edition is a vinyl lover’s dream; pressed on 180 gram vinyl and in­cluding a 7” with 2 unreleased bonus tracks. The packaging features deluxe embossed cover art which features the beloved Milo cartoon. 

This album marked a reunion for the band back in 1996 with the line- up that has remained solid ever since, featuring singer Milo Aukerman, drummer Bill Stevenson, bassist Karl Alvarez and guitar­ist Stephen Egerton. Everything Sucks features punk classics, “I’m The One” and “Everything Sux.”

Limited to 2000 in europe

Track Listing

Side 1
  1.  Everything Sux  

  2.  I'm The One  

  3.  Coffee Mug  

  4.  Rotting Out  

  5.  Sick-O-Me  

  6.  Caught  

  7.  When I Get Old  

  8.  Doghouse  

  9.  She Loves Me  

Side 2
  1.  Hateful Notebook  

  2.  We  

  3.  Eunuch Boy  

  4.  This Place  

  5.  I Won't Let Me  

  6.  Thank You  

Side 1
  1.  Lucky  

Side 2
  1.  Shattered Milo  

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