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Demdike Stare - Wonderland


Label Modern Love

It's been 4 years sinc 'Elemental', and we're all ready for a new Demdike Stare LP. 'Wonderland' is indeed a gift, and from the opener 'Curzon', it is clear that they remain masters of their craft, time and time again. Brooding and concise pummeling drums and mere suggestions of melodic undercurrents are peppered throughout the track, before launching into a very 'Modern Love' breakdown (this is by no means a bad thing) : time-stretched vocal microsamples with riotous percussives leading into a tectonic and frantic conclusion.
'Animal Style' is a much more playful affair, skittering drum shards and pitched percussion dance over a harking woodwind obtusion before breaking into rhythmic vocal snippets. Thoughtful and good-natured lightheartedness in amongst the shadows.