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Daphni - Face To Face

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It dunt seem like it, but it's been three (yes 3!) years since a new Daphni record. His Jiaolong label's been busy working away in earnest without the need for it's owners input. He's got a new Fabriclive mix out, which you might have heard, features only Daphni material (much like Omar S and Villalobos' did before it). Anyway, this new 12" features three tracks kicking off with the funky, disco-fuelled, "Face To Face". Those with a keen ear will instantly recognize Daphni's subtle but nonetheless arresting production. His drums are crisp and full and his mixdowns are invisible but spectacular, if that makes sence. "Tin" unfolds the EP into epic territory; initially walking in unassumingly on vintage jack beats, Daphni chucks in this spine-tingling, bubbling synthline from out of nowhere, forcing any dancefloor to spontaneously combust with sheer energy; this is destined for big things people, you (may or may not) heard it here first! "Xing Tian" completes the set with a firm nod to the future, Sunklo-patented percussion flatlined against wigged-out acid wobble as Daphni slings manipulated vocal snips haphazardly over the mix. A brilliant return from one of the leaders of modern day dancefloor electronica. Recommended.

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