To Live & Die In Rayleigh - Estuary Beat (Cassette)

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To Live & Die in Rayleigh are a distillation of the heart of Essex, alchemising the failed, dystopic new towns of the once pastoral landscapes into sonic interpretations of the malaise and discontent at the heart of the aspirational decay of the counties character. 

Like John Clare before them, these sons of Essex have traipsed through the county and found some perverse symbolism, rooted equally in reverence and madness, from which to mine and polish into 6 unique artefacts of lives lived and lost beneath this ideological cathedral of modern England. 

Unlike so many of their postmodern counterparts irreverence, sarcasm and transcendence are completely lacking from their repertoire, instead opting for a sense of harsh hyper-realism born from an intuitive manipulation of their analog machinery. Pulsating rhythms, stark walls of noise, and minimalist tales of transgression and corrosion below the slick posturing of the cheap malignant coast.