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Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder

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Brand new album from Broken Social Scene! The first in 7 years! This includes a limited edition LP on clear vinyl. There are 3000 of these for europe and after these are gone it will be black vinyl. The LP is a gatefold and contains  a 28 page art book and a vinyl only bonus track

15 members of Broken Social Scene - including returnees Leslie Feist and Emily Haines – refract their varying emotions, methods and techniques into something that doesn’t just equal their other albums, but surpasses them. It is righteous but warm, angry but loving, melodic but uncompromising. The title track on its own might just be the best thing you will hear all year – a song that will become as beloved as “Anthems For a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl” from their breakthrough album, You Forgot It In People.


Its title captured what the band wanted people to feel about the group’s comeback, and how they sound playing together again: “It’s just such a wonderful sentiment about us, coming in like a hug of thunder.”


“Hug Of Thunder” is a panoramic, expansive album, that manages to be both epic and intimate. In troubled times it offers a serotonin rush of positivity: “Stay Happy” lives up to its title, with huge surges of brass that sound like sunshine bursting through clouds. “Gonna Get Better” makes a promise that the album is determined to deliver. That’s not to say it’s an escapist record: Broken Social Scene are completely engaged, wholly focussed, and not ignoring the darkness that lurks outside. But there is no hectoring, no lecturing, but a recognition of the confusion and ambiguity of the world. As the title track closes with Leslie Feist murmuring “There was a military base across the street,” the listener is caught in the division between the notional security provided by national defence, and the menace of the same thing.


A1 – Sol Luna

A2 – Halfway Home

A3 – Protest Song

A4 – Skyline

B1 – Stay Happy

B2 – Vanity Pail Kids

B3 – Hug Of Thunder

C1 – Towers And Masons

C2 – Victim Lover

C3 – Please Take Me With You

D1 – Gonna Get Better

D2 – Mouth Guards of The Apocalypse

D3 – Old Dead Young (Bonus track - vinyl only)


First studio album in 7 years. Produced by Grammy Award winner Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Spoon, The Strokes) and mixed by Grammy Award winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Lucius).

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