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Blood Orange - Negro Swan

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EXCITED!!!! One of our favourite modern pop stars, and one of 2018's most vital pop-cultural voices. Along with Mica Levi, Solange, Tirzah, Oliver Coates, Kendrick Lamar, Daniel Lopitan, Thundercat and other left-of-centre musicians operating firmly within the mainstream, Dev Hynes has come to help redefine popular black culture, transatlantic perceptions and wider music production. Masterfully kneading the dance floor and the avant garde together; the realer-than-real pop of Prince, MJ or Madonna with playful layers of high fashion, choreography, film, photography, editorial aesthetic and the wonderful magic of Arthur Russell and Phillip Glass. Hynes makes it look easy, like Bowie did, like Jackson did. It's no understatement that the blood Orange project is probably the most important catalogues of our age. 

On his new album Hynes says, “My newest album is an exploration into my own and many types of black depression, an honest look at the corners of black existence, and the ongoing anxieties of queer/people of color. A reach back into childhood and modern traumas, and the things we do to get through it all. The underlying thread through each piece on the album is the idea of HOPE, and the lights we can try to turn on within ourselves with a hopefully positive outcome of helping others out of their darkness.”