Where To Now?

Ben Vince - Assimilation

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I have been obsessing on this one a bit. London based Vince has evoked and overseen an ambitious record on any scale, let alone a grass roots DIY one such as this. On one of the UK's finest underground labels, Where To Now? what plays out is a series of collaborations that are allowed to breath under the steam of the relationship Ben has to to each party, and so this 5 track runs a little like a 'collected works' and I'm telling you it's all the better for it. The first two tracks (including a track with Mica Levi) move from sparse and spartan No Wave drams to pure and indulgent World Of Echo worship. And that's not in a trite way, this is true exploration and it shows. The record then takes on a more percussive direction, and although Jazz, Drone and Kosmiche tones rule, you can sense the shadows of This Heat and Don Cherry looming large. Banger!!!