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Arthur Russell - Love Is Overtaking Me

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Released  Late June 2019


This compilation which took 3 years to make, countless talented musicians and Russell loved-ones to realise, includes musicians as towering as Peter Zummo, Jon Gibson, Rhys Chatham and more, and spans demo's from the early 70s right up until his last sessions in 1991. But instead of being disparate and sprawling, this record shows an incredible sympathy for Arthur's affection for new wave, rock, country and folk. 

The latter part of the album in particular contains some of my most favourite Arthur Russell moments; the heart wrenching Habit Of You was played at our wedding service, with the following tracks Janine, Big Moon, The Letter sees his feet firmly in REM, B52's, even Fleetwood Mac territory, and with as much force as those world conquering groups, too. Earlier in the album, there are nods to Nick Drake for sure, but the entire record is as cohesive and lovingly assembled as Calling Out Of Context. Absolutely essential stuff. 

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