Arthur Russell - Calling Out Of Context

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Released  Late June 2019

Coming from the kaleidoscopic world of late 70's New York, playing cello with Talking Heads, making legitimate disco bangers as Dinosaur L, realising the stunning neo-classical blueprint Tower Of Meaning and spending the early 80's starting to experiment with colossal vocal hooks over his dense, aquatic, distorted cello on World Of Echo, Russell set about amassing what we now know to be one of the most impressive archive of popular music by a singular artist that the world has ever seen. Calling Out Of Context has become canon in 21st century popular culture and rightly so, even as an archival compilation, Audika have produced one of the most coherent documents of pop music to ever be released. Audika rightly describes this work as "

Buddhist Bubblegum Disco Electro Pop" and thats a wonderfully playful but totally on-the-nose description. 

I mean, if you don't own these, you should.