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Anasazi - Nasty Witch Rock


Label Anasazi

After two 7" singles (on Sacred Bones and Toxic State), a flexi and  demos galore, Nuke York's ANASAZI finally unleash their debut album on  La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in America. 'Nasty Witch  Rock' comes from the dirty, rotten and seedier side of New York. The  album is built on raw energy, passion and intensity. The sound is  blown out with distorted and echoey guitar work akin to Fire Of Love  era GUN CLUB , pounding tribal drum patterns and a vocalist who oozes violence and desperation. If you have 'In The Flat Field' era BAUHAUS, TSOL or CHRISTIAN DEATH in your collection or loved it when the early  80's UK anarcho bands added a bit of goth edge to their sound then  ANASAZI is a must hear. The album comes housed in a heavy weight sleeve including a 16 page booklet an a A1 poster.

Ships June 1st.