A Civil Terror

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What beats an arpeggiated bass line over a teutonic 90 bpm kick and snare with eerie distorted vocals? I’ve been looking for years and I still don’t know if anything hits that sweet spot quite as well.

If your salad days were filled with a love for Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and Belgium Techno then A Civil Terror will get you giddy in the same way that Pinkman Records have had a near perfect run of releases in the past few years. John Carpenter esque Horror soundtrack synths creep along reverb drenched industrial drums, splattered with existential dread and spectral chants.

Ryan is known for various monikers such as PC World / To Live & Die in Rayleigh (some of which are lined up for future Beat Concern drops) and his Club Mutante night which brings together the world of live techno, industrial, EBM and noise. Punk ethics standing alongside dance floor machine funk. A Civil Terror.