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For ten years, Pariah, now Sans Pareil, has been Thomas Dowse and John Casey. Backed by a new, larger ensemble in 2016, Dowse’s downbeat narrative and feral croons weave in and out of Casey’s maniacal guitar lines, like a tweaked-out Withnail and I fronting Swans. Tales of small town desperation, crime, sleeze and poverty beat down hard; there’s no sleek metropolitan romanticism of London or Manchester, this is JG Ballad, this is David Cronenberg shooting a Ken Loach script… It is Chatham at 3am, a Grimsby pub-fight on a Friday night… it is bleak, grim and writhing with the parts of life you don’t want to see. The pair have spent the better part of a decade creating this 'scumbag panorama’ with their own illustrations and art works (they both met at art university), designs and animations to enhance your experience. 


The Future Ooze is a blackened, dystopian version of burned-out garage rock, akin to The Gun Club, Chrome, Stooges, The Sound, Velvet Underground, Early SY, and even hints at the punk snarl of Rites Of Spring or Dag Nasty. The band have cut their teeth, playing select grot-box shows with the likes of The Wytches, Taman Shud, Rot In Hell, Cosmic Thoughts and Mass Lines. This convergence of hardcore and art-rock is at the center of Dowse’s performance; part Guy Picciotto, part Mark E Smith, his melodrama is matched only by his wit, dry sarcasm and distaste for an increasing authoritarian state that is pressing ever heavier on those of us not fortunate enough to buy-to-let, or holiday in the sun. 


Follow them down the drain…..