Mass Lines is a punk band from Canterbury, Kent. From the same stock as such integral bands as Man Hands, Great Ancestors, Cosmic Thoughts, Kid Pang and from the same fertile and exciting area that includes Sans Pareil, Negative Space, Dark Age, Alocasia Garden, Kind Eyes and more, Mass Lines are at the forefront of South East DIY Punk.

Mass Lines' sound and context shares the same, provincial working class-rage as that of Dischord Records alumni Fugazi and Nation Of Ulysses, or the sarcastic down-stroke athletics and mid-pace drive of messrs Reis and Froberg's work in Hot Snakes or Rocket From The Crypt.


This summer, Mass Lines release Personality Cult on Hot Salvation Records.

'Young Punks' is Les Savy Fav pushed through the grinder of vocalist Christopher Thomas' day job as a public servant in Cameron's target driven but low-rewarding Britain, while 'Lapsed Catholics' explores the hypocrisy of the working class, stiff-upper-lipped, centre-right traditions that have eroded our society since Her Majesty Thatcher began its dismantling in 1979.

Personality Cult was recorded with Ben Phillips at Lightship 95, and mastered at Carvery Cuts in East London, what has been captured is a Bukowskian account of suburban England, against raw, thudding rock n'roll-garage punk.

Artwork has been lovingly handled by Chris White at WeThreeClub, and this is co-released with Rip This Joint