gas28a - Yarkii Svet Skvoz Dirky v Nebe

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Transportive, immersive electronica which nods to the 80's new age and environmental artists from across the globe. Ural's Faktura coming through with the goods again

"When you first come across a phenomenon but you don't know the appropriate term, try to describe what you see. If there is no suitable label - the event becomes mysterious and the lack of clarity pushes the imagination into a game of forms.

gas28a - trio from Ekaterinburg. The band members - Daniil Kraev, Artem Dultsev and Dmitry Mosin - record music during improvisations. In May 2020 they will release a full-length album - "Yarkii Svet Skvoz Dirky v Nebe".
It includes records from 2017 to 2018.

In music, they explore the relationship between technology and spirituality. This is how guitar and udu drum get along with granular synthesizer and drum machine. The recordings guess the influence of the new age, the ambient and the blues; but it happens unconsciously, this is how the tastes of each member of the group are manifested."