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Vinny Moonshine - Mass Extinction Fairy Tale

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Metaphysical Powers is ecstatic and relieved to announce the second Vinny Moonshine full-length, Mass Extinction Fairy Tale. It is the follow up to VM's 2014 recording, Live At Waxwing. It is Metaphysical Powers 08. It is also a small miracle of noisy-but-beautiful plunderphonic bedroom pop.

Releasing this album has been a borderline obsession for us since we heard Vinny perform early versions of some of these songs for his neighbors, through a PA on some guy named Bob's porch in midsummer 2020. (At the time, our reissue of Waxwing was already in the pipe, having revived our label for the sole purpose of releasing it somewhat properly.) We knew he was working on new tunes, but after that performance, it was immediately clear to us that Moonshine had more in the tank. Another record was right around the corner. Vinny was back, baby!

That was over two years ago.

When Buster Keaton shot that (in)famous and indelible scene in which the façade of a house literally falls down around his shoulders, it is said that the camera crew refused to watch. They were so certain Keaton would be killed during filming that they turned their backs to the set. At least one source reports both his father and a priest on site endlessly reciting the Rosary. The prospect of utter annihilation was so great that good ol' dad felt the need to intercede with God on Keaton's behalf.

This is not entirely unlike observing Vinny's creative process (albeit with less potential for extreme bodily harm). He's all in. It takes what it takes, no matter how long it takes. With Vinny, it's about the long game. It's about commitment. No safety nets. Prospect of annihilation be damned!

It goes without saying that a lot has changed since 2014. What's changed for the world is obvious, and we don't need to get into it here. But, in what feels like a direct response to, you know, all of it, Moonshine has taken to writing songs - to singing, really singing - to flexing lyrical, to directly and obliquely breaking our hearts. Sentiments both personal and universal are swathed in synths and hiss and dub echo and a surfeit of samples - all in service of the song, in service of storytelling. Which isn't to say there aren't some subtle rippers on this thing. While we don't want to be reductive, 'Mirror Of The Night' and 'Crooked Time' and 'Green Pastures' ride a 100% post-Suicide, post-Nebraska repeat-o vibe, with Vinny as the preacher archetype, spinning yarns of alienation.

But there's so much more than alienation here. Listening to tracks like 'Sweet Year' or 'Capital Of Pain' or 'Critical Mass', it can feel like Vinny has internalized just about the entirety the American Anthropocenic experience at an all but molecular level - for our gain as listeners but surely to his detriment.

Still, in the end, that house didn't fall on Keaton, and it didn't fall on Vinny, either. And what we got out of it all are two perfectly imperfect, timeless things. One of them is a 95-year-old movie. The other is a brand-new record.

- BB & KG, 2022