Randall Dunn - Beloved

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Release Date  November 9th 2018

SO excited for this one! Randall Dunn - collaborator with Earth, Sunn 0))), Tim Hecker, Algiers and more finally turns in a solo record pressed on Vinyl for one of our partner labels, figureight! Sitting somewhere between the giallo sparkle of Goblin, and the doom-murk of Sunn 0))) sits this fascinating record. Featuring guest vocals from Zola Jesus and Algiers, this is a record that effortlessly breaches boundaries between avant electronica, doom and contemporary alternative music. One for the year I think!

 Label blurb:

Randall Dunn, the musician, producer, and engineer renowned for his work with Sunn0))), Tim Hecker, Six Organs of Admittance, and many more, has announced his first solo effort. Beloved, is set for release on vinyl and digital via figureight on November 9 2018. Following a turbulent period of change and loss the esteemed producer channeled his energies into a seven song meditation on “anxiety, paranoia, different shades of love, different realizations of mortality, how it can make you feel the stages of your life more deeply.” 

With Beloved Dunn shifts his knack for emphasizing the human component of music toward mining emotional resonance from the subtle details and textures generated from early digital and analog synthesizers. “I wanted to make something more like prose or a Gerhard Richter painting with sound,” Dunn says of the album. “Being someone that composes with sound, I wanted to find a voice in it that felt personal, that felt human, especially with electronics, something that didn’t feel too mechanical.”