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Can one be comfortable when living as something they are not? A duality of true self and outside expectations cannot co-exist. In a world that discourages discomfort of the status quo it is difficult to find the courage and energy in truthful being.

On this album Mari breaks the outside expectations to find herself. The constant shifting of stylistic approach and structure mirror the artist’s own gradual gender transition which creates a record of duality. Disembodied pop melodies intertwine with sparkling synthesizers and belching computers. It is a record where sad and introspective lyrics are paired with bright and vibrant electronic production.

Inspired by the hyper produced pop of PC Music, the ethereal auto-tune of Organ Tapes and Ecco2k, early ‘00s glitch music, and the melodic experimental composition of artists from the Lovely Music Ltd. and ’70’s ECM rosters, “mari” utilizes these influences to run towards pop music with a newly emergent sense of identity.

Mari collaborates with long time friends, Claire Rousay, Amulets, and Diamond Soul weaving their signature sounds into the collage heavy production.

More Eaze was designed to be a project that’s always somewhat in flux but "mari" presents the most defined mission statement for the project yet: A confluence of auto-tuned automatic writing, acousmatic detail, and pop melodicism.