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Lyra Pramuk - Fountain

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Now, without going totally overboard, here's a little about this record…

The moment I first heard Tendril's soaring vocal refrain, and the shivers started to run down my back, I was already writing the email to Valgeir at BedCom to begin convincing him to release it, as quickly as possible. 

Lyra's music affected me immediately, in the same way Andromeda's Suffering by Alice Coltrane, Bjork's Vespertine, or 'Hope Theres Someone' by Anhoni did in those all too familiar, warm and emotive ways our favourite-records-of-all-time do. Like a lightning bolt, Lyra Pramuk has produced a record that is equally organic and robotic; and I don't mean half and half. This suggest some sort of compromise. It is fully organic, and fully synthetic.  And that speaks of Lyra’s mission with this record too: 

Lyra Pramuk’s debut Fountain explores a post-human, non-binary understanding of life

And this statement, is so apt. Lyra is the explorer on this record, as we’re privileged to be able to see and hear what she experiences. The idea of compromise is a long, long distant memory for Lyra, she is a fierce and avid creative, surrounding herself with artists and collaborators whom inspire and encourage, and it shows, as she disappears off in to her own world on Fountain. 

This entire record is futurist ceremonial music for a generation existing through one of the most terrifying social and political climates the world has seen in three or four generations. Though completely built from her vocal samples, the record never utters a word - It transcends literal meaning to cut straight to your sub conscious. Opener 'Witness' is a lone waking call, bright dancing calls arpeggiate beneath truly ethereal vocals, rich and deep, 'played' almost like cellos and violins, Lyra is playing with the very essence of ensembles, electronics, songs even. The vocal hook on Tendril is one of the most emotive, romantic pieces of music you will hear for years, it’s a love song to the self, to the listener, to the world, and has had me shook for months if I’m honest with you all. 

I don’t want to spoil the magic for you. The record carries on in this fashion, adding in the sub-club throb of Gossip, which doubles down on this record’s the futurist ritualism, all gleaming and cut-up textures somehow effortlessly melded together with tenderness, and a deep want to understand and most importantly, rejoice in one’s self.